"Killer recruiters watch the crowd and move in the opposite direction...
because massive rewards are found in the fear zones of others."

-Peter Leffkowitz, CEO

Since 1997, over 14,000 recruiters and their owners have spent 3 intense days in immersive training under
Peter Leffkowitz’ guidance at his Tall Pony Ranch, on-site in-houses, and most recently, live on Zoom. 

His Morgan Methodology has consistently produced more $500k-1mm staffing industry billers
than any other training system in the global search or contract consulting community. 

Contrarian.   Profitable.   Replicable.

IMPORTANT: This is not a “quick glance” website. It can be used as a training tool all by itself.
Simply click “Morgan Theory” below.

Rethink the mindset you inherited.

My Most Important Challenges Are:

Candidate Issues


Find Them Where Others Can't


No Fear Cold-Calling

The Candidate InnerView

Uncovering Surprises Early

Creative Postings

That Pull

Client Issues

Kicking in New Doors

Impressive Verbal Positioning

JO/Search Intakes

Shocking Clients with Depth

Management Issues

Systems That Let You Gradually Walk Away

The Morgan Management Model


About Peter

What sets Peter apart from all trainers/consultants in the world of search/staffing is not simply his history of transforming single offices into multi-office dominant players - it's his ability to start at the front-line "desk" level and teach through role-playing and live phone demonstrations of recruiting and biz-dev calls.

Known for no fluff and oftentimes uncomfortable honesty, he instills clear steps that are easily followed and fresh alternatives that contagiously spread outward until a "culture of technique" becomes a marketable brand of consistent performance for Owners.


Owner/Manager Critiques

Monte Merz

Owner & Managing Partner of High Country Search Group


I’ve known about you for a long time. I’ve been on your site. I’ve read the blogs. I’ve scrolled thru and watched most of the YouTubes.

 Having you with me, with us, was an  unforgettable experience. There’s no one like you. Thanks for coaching us, challenging us, and inviting us into your world, and life, for a few days.

I wish you, your employees/teammates, and family, the best of the best for the rest of 2023, and beyond.

Christopher Gray

CPC - Partner | Practice Lead
ThinkingAhead Executive Search


That was such an informative course, but more importantly, a course that has noticeably energized my team.

I usually can’t wait to get to work but I REALLY am more excited than usual to get to work tomorrow.

I now have a call scheduled with one of the call backs I got in class after using your “nature-of-the-call-is-a-little-time-sensitive”, VM message- so, thanks to you, I already have 2 more strong candidates than I had yesterday.

Be well and looking forward to your report card call on my people, Friday.

Enjoy mucking out your horse stalls…

Lorene Nagata

CONNEX Executive Legal Search,
Toronto ON

Hi Peter,

I wanted to send a note of thank you for all your wisdom imparted to our team.  I got to sit in on the first day but I got called away the remainder of the week. 

Since the training, I have been hearing Peter Leffkowitz phrases being used all over the office.  I have been training the new recruiters this week and I keep asking “How would Peter phrase that message”? 

Today, we discussed our LAP initiative.  “Life After Peter” is a plan to implement what we learned into our everyday calls on both the candidate and the client.  We are working on being more confident in our messaging and in the tone of our voices.  We are recording our calls and messages to listen to ourselves and sharing with the team.  

I appreciate you and thank you for helping make us a better team.  I promise it will not go to waste.

Mark Barnard

SnapDragon Associates LLC

Don’t smother me, just keep me tuned up.

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