"If a trainer doesn't have the confidence to use a live speaker phone to demonstrate the script they encouraged you to use... walk. Words without stones are meaningless."

-Peter Leffkowitz, CEO

24 Hours of Biz Dev

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“The 3 most important ingredients in high performance sales are genuine interest, real care, and stones.”

– Peter Leffkowitz

OBJECTIVE: Courage and Assertiveness

By teaching impressive verbal / written initial approaches for client development purposes to both “Biz Dev/Acct. Managers and 360 desks”, and given the chance to deliver a noticeably deeper credibility-building job order/search intake, fear of rejection is replaced with the confidence to dominate their market.

Day One:

This workshop is the natural stepping stone/progression from the 3-day Recruiter Boot Camp. After all, the only thing we really have to sell is the difference in quality and origin of the candidates we originate vs. an internal HR or Talent Acquisition group.

  • Sales Self Examination: Students will hear and see the contrarian traits of consistent $500k-1mm direct hire and contract consulting billers demonstrated.
  • Selling, Not Telling: Stop leading the witness and start asking tough, open-ended questions if you want truthful clients with no tail-end surprises.
  • Time management and time blocking for Biz Devers needing organization.
  • Listening to your competitor's introductory “sales pitch” and then reverse-engineering an intellectually stimulating and unique alternative.
  • Nightly homework assigned.

Note: If an owner/manager has not been exposed to this course, we strongly request they attend (free) with their students as their “business parent”. With managerial buy-in and support, the contrarian nature of Peter’s technique has statistically proven to result in noticeably higher levels of new clients acquired.

Day Two:

In Morgan Methodology, we have proven that scraping job boards or LinkedIn for openings only delivers 60% of a recruiter's potential, and unfortunately, guarantees competition. The additional % that is added by this training comes from cold-calling targeted hiring managers who have not advertised their openings. It’s time to watch the crowd and move in the opposite direction.

  • Role playing of unique opening positioning statements (their homework).
  • Live organizational charting of 10 new companies to identify the correct hiring management.
  • Listening to your competitor's job order/search intake process and then reverse-engineering a significantly deeper, credibility-building alternative intake.
  • Role play rehearsals of the reengineered newly created “search intake”.
  • Practice delivering the “client control” rules of engagement and respect.
  • Homework assigned, again, because tomorrow students go live in Biz Dev.

Day Three:

You’ve learned to open with a unique introduction. You've captured interest and curiosity. Now, it’s time to step up to the courage plate and go live.

  • Directly asking for one shot to prove there are differences in candidate quality when fishing from a different pond.
  • Asking quick and direct “tire-kicker” qualifiers regarding urgency, realism, competition, HR involvement, and more.
  • Then, ignore the job description. Set a specific client con-call to go deep… much deeper... and work your new job order/search intake form.
  • How NOT to negotiate: Concrete your fee and set client etiquette expectations.
  • Learn a powerful and structured client visit.      
  • The “one-call-set-interview” MPC presentation. 


Time Investment

Your staff will be engaged in live training with Peter Leffkowitz via Zoom for three days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Training will begin at 9:00am CST and end at 5:00pm CST, which includes a 1-hour lunch break and a fair amount of breaks.

Tuition Investment

$3,500/1-4 staff + 1 owner mgr free
$5,000/5-9 staff + 1 owner mgr free
$7,500/10-14 staff + 1 owner mgr free
15+ staff requires a customized private workshop.

Tuition includes a private owner/manager post-workshop
student evaluation conference call with Peter. 

What are you waiting for?

Go get your staff a seat Now!

Custom Solutions

15+ staff requires a customized private workshop.
For inquiry and more information,
give us a call: 816-858-7611


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